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White Paper

A Synergistic Approach to Digital Privacy
Christopher Gorog - March 2021

This paper outlines an approach for IEEE to take leadership for digital privacy to align many existing IEEE Societies and efforts in the areas of computer systems & applications security, organizational & global architectures, policy-supporting legislation, originating new standards, integrating compliance into technologies, and helping design decision-board infrastructures for governance bodies. Much of the current emphasis on evolving privacy technologies centers on big corporate enterprises and institutions, causing the industry to support corporate assets protection mainly. Fostering technology to empower individual privacy-enabling tools has lagged, and personal privacy has diminished because corporate big data applications have made sizable investments into exploiting private data.

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Below is a sample of articles from IEEE Xplore that might be of interest to the privacy community.


An Informative Security and Privacy “Nutrition” Label for Internet of Things Devices
Authors: Pardis Emami-Naeini, Janarth Dheenadhayalan, Yuvraj Agarwal, Lorrie Faith Cranor
Published in: IEEE Security & Privacy (Volume: 20, Issue: 2, March-April 2022)

“Why Should I Read the Privacy Policy, I Just Need the Service”: A Study on Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Privacy Policies  Open Access
Authors: Duha Ibdah; Nada Lachtar; Satya Meenakshi Raparthi; Anys Bacha
Published in: IEEE Access (Volume: 9, 23 November 2021)

Understanding How to Implement Privacy by Design, One Step at a Time
Author: Ann Cavoukian
Published in: IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (Volume: 9, Issue: 2, March 1 2020)

Towards the Design of Usable Privacy by Design Methodologies
Authors: Argyri Pattakou; Aikaterini-Georgia Mavroeidi; Vasiliki Diamantopoulou; Christos Kalloniatis; Stefanos Gritzalis
Published in: 2018 IEEE 5th International Workshop on Evolving Security & Privacy Requirements Engineering (ESPRE)

Towards Improving Privacy Control for Smart Homes: A Privacy Decision Framework
Authors: Mahsa Keshavarz, Mohd Anwar
Published in: 2018 16th Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST)

Privacy? I Can’t Even! Making a Case for User-Tailored Privacy
Author: Bart P. Knijnenburg
Published in: IEEE Security & Privacy (Volume: 15, Issue: 4, 2017)


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