IEEE Virtual Panel on Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Data


Data Collection & Use to Facilitate EV Charging in the Clean Energy Transition
7 December 2022 at 1:00pm ET

As the prevalence of electric vehicles (EVs) increases, EV charging poses both challenges and opportunities to the grid in the clean energy transition. Challenges, such as physical limitations of grid infrastructure and variability of renewable energy, can potentially be overcome by proper collection and usage of data. The data collected can potentially lead to benefits such as increased electricity reliability and decreased greenhouse gas emissions, but may also raise questions about privacy.

This 1-hour virtual panel will discuss what types of data are collected and for what purpose, where the data is sent and used, how it is used, and what additional data is combined with the vehicle charging data. The range of both current and future benefits that can be derived from data collected both now and in the future will be discussed. This is the first of a 2-part series. The second panel, planned for 2023, will focus more on the privacy challenges associated with EV data.



Linda M. ZegerLinda M. Zeger is the founder and principal consultant of Auroral LLC, which provides advisory services focusing on the smart grid, in data science strategy and data quality improvement, system performance assessment, experimental design, and performance evaluation of communication and artificial intelligence components. Her over 25 years of experience includes contributions she has made to a variety of novel performance improvement capabilities and analytics techniques to a range of systems including communication and sensor networks. Her experience includes consulting, research, smart grid edge standards development, program management, and instruction. She is the holder of a number of patents and she has given presentations to a wide range of audiences. She is the author of numerous published papers in journals and conferences across several disciplines. She has also held positions with MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories, Princeton University, and Florida Polytechnic University, and she completed a postdoctoral fellowship in statistics at Educational Testing Service. She holds a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard.



Scott DimetroskyScott Dimetrosky is the co-founder and CEO of Rolling Energy Resources, overseeing all aspects of the organization operations. With over 25 years experience designing and evaluating energy efficiency and demand response programs for utilities throughout the U.S., Mr. Dimetrosky brings a combination of quantitative and qualitative perspectives to the electric vehicle industry. On the quantitative side, Mr. Dimetrosky utilizes his background in statistics and economics to develop EV forecasts and grid impact studies. On the qualitative side, Mr. Dimetrosky leads transportation electrification planning studies, including EV program design, allowing him to bring a unique and effective perspective for RER program design and utility engagement.



Mario HarperMario Harper joined the computer science faculty at Utah State University in 2020. He has research expertise in machine learning, autonomous systems, and decision-making algorithms. He has lead many projects to successful delivery as the lead data scientist at Progressive Leasing, designing new algorithms for optimal decision making in financial technologies. Prior positions include technical integration lead on a robotics research consortium, lead machine learning scientist, and data analyst. He has published works in top robotics and AI venues and currently teaches Robot Intelligence, Software Engineering, and Advanced Data Science courses. He has several patents on newly developed algorithms for allocating resources in electric grids, balancing financial portfolios, and optimal trajectory planning for autonomous systems.



Anthony JamesAnthony James is a senior engineer and data scientist with Southern California Edison. Anthony's primary focus at SCE is advancing grid capabilities to support SCE's Pathway 2045 goals, and mitigate risk with climate change. He focuses on the application of informatics and advanced analytics in power systems as it relates to DER integration, including the integration of electric vehicles, to improve grid flexibility, and also improve grid resiliency, through applied research and demonstration efforts. Anthony works in a cross-collaborative innovation ecosystem with external partners such as several US Dept of Energy National Laboratories, technology companies and start-ups to advance new and innovative technologies to solve challenges related to integrating renewable energy, distributed energy resources including electric vehicles, and new emerging technologies. With over 20 years of experience in multi-disciplinary consulting, engineering management, engineering and analytics, Anthony has successfully partnered with leadership and senior management to execute a variety of strategic initiatives for technology innovation and business strategy. Anthony has worked across the utility, energy, real estate, construction, industrial automation, automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics industries. He has also worked as a university Adjunct Lecturer in information systems.



Ben BowlerBen Bowler is a Senior Research Scientist at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland. He works at the Competence Centre for Digital Energy and Electric Power within the Institute for Electrical Engineering. Ben builds, manages, and delivers national and international industrial research projects related to the digitalisation of energy systems, with a particular focus on advanced analytics. He has more than 15 years of experience in the electricity transmission and distribution sectors in a wide range of roles including industrial research, innovation, project delivery, network operations, business development, and energy sector regulation. Ben is an active member and past chair of the IEEE Power and Energy Society Chapter in Switzerland.


Linda Zeger - see bio above