IEEE Digital Privacy Model


Achieving Privacy Expectations in the Digital World

An IEEE Digital Privacy Model has been created by the IEEE Digital Privacy Initiative within IEEE Future Directions. This model does not fully set out or replace IEEE's Privacy Policy found at


The IEEE Digital Privacy Model is an evolving, easy-to-understand visual representation that covers the broad and dynamic aspects of digital privacy. Download the model below to get an individuals' perspective on privacy.


Download the Model

IEEE Digital Privacy ModelDownload in English (PDF, 241 KB)
Download in Spanish (PDF, 244 KB)
Download in Portuguese (PDF, 241 KB)
Download in Japanese (PDF, 282 KB)
Download in Chinese (PDF, 292 KB)


Supporting Materials

These slides provide an introduction and background information on the IEEE Digital Privacy Model.

Introducing IEEE Digital Privacy ModelDownload in English (PDF, 1 MB)
Download in Spanish (PDF, 909 KB)
Download in Japanese (PDF, 1 MB)


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